The Making of Big Foot!!

A couple years ago I was commissioned to create a Big Foot costume for a film.  I  finally found the photos of the process and today I shall share the adventure!



This is the life cast we (Joe, the hubby and I) created of the actor playing BigFoot.   To see this process you can check out this video of a live stream we did for another film!   Life Casting for PlasmaTech


Hey there!!  Time to start cleaning him up and sculpting!!



I’m indecisive so I change things a lot while sculpting, don’t worry, I’m going to spare you the bajillion progress shots.  I take them for myself so I can see the clay with a different perspective.

1000 1021Around this point Byron came back to get his hands and feet casted.  Can’t be Bigfoot without big foots!!


Sup guys!  That’s silicone on his hands and feet.  After we remove it we pour plaster in the “gloves” and “socks” to get these…




This is as far as the hands got unfortunately.  Needed more silicone to make them and we decided to wait on them for the final production and just focus on the cowl and feet for the teaser footage which was going to be shot from a distance.


At least I did get to do the feet!   More of these in a bit.


Once I feel like I have the sculpt where I want it I create a plaster cast around the sculpture.  You have to use mold release on it so it separates nicely, you can probably see the shine from that…and the clean hands and feet in the background ratting me out for going out of order! Haha


Now that he’s in his cozy sarcophagus, we wait.  We hope and pray to the deity of our choice or send good energy vibes to the universe so it comes apart without any problems.


Hmmm…well, it could have been worse.  Crack is fixable and poor plaster Byron lost his nose, but that too can be reattached.  After that and some cleaning it’s time to prepare the silicone, pour it in and put the postive back in and sammich it up with the back.  I’m guessing that I propped it upside down and poured the silicone in from the bottom, but it’s been awhile so I don’t remember exactly.


How ever I poured it, it worked! Here’s the silicone mask beginning to get painted.


So, hair can be glued onto the mask or punched in with a felting needle.  I did a little of both, but punched the hair on the face and head mostly.  Oh, and I have a lot of hair school manikins so “Debra” got a hair cut for this project.